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Out of Hours FAQ

Find out more about the Out of Hours service at Abington Park Vets

Out of Hours FAQ

Find out more about the Out of Hours service at Abington Park Vets

What is an Out of Hours service?

Out of Hours (OOH) refers to the arrangements we make for emergency care and appointments for your pets outside our normal opening hours. This applies to night times, weekends outside normal opening hours and all Bank Holidays.

Why are you changing to Abington Park Vets?

Up until now, we have run an “On Call” service for our OOH service. This meant that vets and nurses who had worked a full day shift and were due to work the next day too, took an emergency phone home and were often needed to come out to see appointments or do operations at any time of day or night.

Abington Park Vets have dedicated emergency vets who are only open at nights, weekends and bank holidays. Their fully qualified staff are on site all the time ready and waiting and inpatients receive an excellent standard of care. The staff receive regular training in emergency medicine. As they have not worked during the day, they are well rested and can provide the best care without having to cope with lack of sleep. This will allow us to raise the quality of the OOH service we provide to you and your pet.

We truly believe that this is a safer and better service for your pets both during the OOH period and normal opening hours.

Will your opening hours change as a result of this change?

We have not extended our opening hours here at Corby, however, we will be offering longer consulting times within our opening hours.

In order to reduce the chance that you will need to use the Out of Hours Service, we are increasing our opening hours on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday at our Oundle Branch. This means we will be able to see more appointments and deal with more emergencies on the day.

How do I contact Abington Park Vets?

Using their service is easy. If you require assistance or advice outside our normal opening hours, do the same as you do presently. Call us on the normal practice number and you will hear a message which will give you the emergency contact number.

How much will it cost me? Who do I pay for this?

If you require a consultation at the clinic, their out of hours consultation fee is £65 but please note that this is for the veterinary examination only. Emergency fees are payable between 8:00pm and 8:00am.  Any treatment costs are additional to this. You will be given an estimate of any costs expected. Abington Park Vets are a separate company so you will need to pay them directly for their services. Their fees should be covered in the same way as any other veterinary fees by your insurance company.

Can I call for advice?

The trained staff at Abington Park Vets can always offer expert advice over the phone free of charge at any time. 

Where do I need to go? How do I get there?

Abington Park Vets is at 427 Wellingborough Road in Abington. Their postcode is NN1 4EZ.  If you do not have transport, the final question on this list.

What if my pet needs to stay at the emergency clinic?

Abington Park Vets is fully equipped to do emergency surgery and hospitalise patients overnight. If your pet does have to stay, you can arrange to receive regular updates on their condition. In the morning, if your pet is well enough to travel, you will need to collect them from Abington Park Vets, either to go home or return to us for further treatment. If they are not well enough to travel, Abington Park Vets may arrange for them to be cared for during the day in their hospital.

Do they do home visits?

In an emergency, it will nearly always be best for your pet to come into the clinic to receive immediate attention and have direct access to the full range of facilities. In order to make home visits, the vet at Abington Park Vets would need to arrange for cover so that they can leave the inpatients in the care of another vet. For this reason, they only attend pets at home if there is a clear medical need.

Can I continue care with your surgery afterwards?

After any appointment at Abington Park Vets, we will receive a report to let us know what treatment was provided. If your pet is well enough to go home without further treatment, we recommend a general check up within 48 hours of being seen. If your pet needs further treatment, Abington Park Vets will ask you to contact us as soon as possible for an appointment, and we can continue your pet's care with our team.

What if my pet requires overnight inpatient treatment, would I need to take them to Abington Park when you close?

If your pet requires continued overnight treatment, they can remain in the care of our sister site - Oundle Veterinary Surgery. After the practice closes there is no one on the premises permanently until we re-open, however we have a Vet and Nurse team on duty, who will visit the practice to deliver inpatient checks. 

Should more intensive care and 24 hour monitoring be required for your pet, or specifically requested by yourself, referral to Abington Vets or a specialist service can be arranged.

What if I don't have transport to get to Abington Park Vets?

We know that transport to the vets can be difficult especially if you need care out of hours. Animals at Home is a local service that provides a DEFRA licensed pet taxi that is available to transport your pet 24 hours a day. Their contact number is 07941 058548.

Alternatively, some standard taxi services will transport pets, please contact the practice for details and contact numbers so you can be prepared in an emergency situation.

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